Earth Science Gallery Debuts in Dubai

In June, the Children’s City museum in Dubai opened its Earth Sciences Gallery. Designed in partnership with the Climate Institute, the Earth Science Gallery teaches children about the earth’s history and climate.

The Earth Science Gallery was the brainchild of Climate Institute’s chief operating officer, Nasir Khattak. When the Children’s City was looking for a new exhibit, Mr. Khattak, drawing on the example set by the Climate Institute Mexico y America Latina, suggested Science on a Sphere, which displays planetary datasets on a globe. The Children’s City’s Science on a Sphere is now the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa, and the only one to display data in both English and Arabic. Other exhibits added to the gallery include the Time Wall, which charts the universe’s history from the big bang to the present.

Climate Institute staff helped to designed and lay out the exhibits, and installed the Science on a Sphere display. Once the gallery was completed, they created educational guides for the museum staff, translated videos and presentations into Arabic, and trained the museum’s education team in earth sciences, climate change, and environmental science.

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